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You hit it Big!!!

Your heart was pounding so fast you could hardly catch a breath!
Then you waited for the casino executive to confirm your winnings, but little did you know your good fortune was to turn a little frustrating. Rather than the Lump Sum you won they decided that payments paid over 20 years were better for you. Maybe you had other plans.

That's where we come in...
We buy part of your winnings and give you back a lump sum today that you can use for your personal or business use. A house, a new car, maybe you want to take a vacation or start a business. What ever the reason- it's your reason and it's your money to do with as you choose.

You may be asking yourself, "but how can they do this if the annuity I have is non-transferable and can't be assigned?". Well we worked it out so you can have your money in as little as three weeks. That's right, I said three weeks!

We need a copy of your award letter and a photo ID like a driver's license and we go to work to get your money to your in three weeks. Sounds too easy, doesn't it?

Give us a call at 800-338-5815. We would like to send you a Introductory Kit no cost or obligation.


Oh, by the way, my name is Frank ReCouper and I'm with Casino Winnings a division of R & P Capital . We have been buying things like this for over 24+ years. Structured settlements, casino winnings, lottery payments, owner held mortgages and judgements just to name a few.

We have the experience and we do get the job done professionally, privately and quickly.

Please give us a call, I would like to talk to you.
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